Crisis Map Resources

Humanitarian Map Symbology Resources

The design of effective map symbology for hazard, crisis, and humanitarian relief maps and visualizations can be very challenging, and should consider many factors. The purpose of this project is to promote "best practices" for map symbology design through several practical, "hands on" resources that may be used by humanitarian relief organizations to assist in evaluating or developing new symbology for their mapping needs. We invite humanitarian organizations to use these resources to assist with their mapping activities.

Map Symbology and Design Self-Evaluation Tool

Want to evaluate the effectiveness of your current map symbology, or are you looking for resources to assist with symbology design? If so, try the Humanitarian Symbology Scorecard.

A quick guide and video tutorial provide an overview of how to use the Humanitarian Symbology Scorecard.

Please submit feedback on your experiences with the Humanitarian Symbology Scorecard through a short survey!