GIS Council

Future Meetings:

All meetings are held in Uptown Crossing 228

Council Meeting Agendas:

Council Meeting Notes:

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Mission: The mission of the ISU GIS Council is to facilitate, coordinate and advance the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and related geospatial technology across ISU departments and units for teaching, research, and campus management purposes.

Meeting Structure and Logistics

Each meeting will be divided into two segments:

Business Session (~40 minutes)

The purpose of the Business Session is to facilitate discussion and to develop a course of action for important topics of interest to the GIS community at ISU. Topics may include licensing issues for GIS software, teaching and curricula issues, computer laboratory and space issues, building research teams, coordinating campus GIS projects, and organizing GIS activities on campus (e.g., GIS Day).

Synergy Building Session (~20 minutes)

The purpose of the Synergy Building Session is to provide a venue for ISU departments and units to share their current practices, goals, and challenges related to GIS with other Council members. Ideally, the Synergy Building Session will promote collaboration on GIS research, projects, and initiatives across campus. It is anticipated that one department or unit will present during each Synergy Building Session.